Monday, February 8, 2016

Alternative Valentine's Day Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

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Valentine’s Day - that wonderful day filled with chocolate, gifts and celebrating the love between you and your significant other. However, Valentine's day can also be expensive. A fancy dinner, a nice gift (traditionally flowers or jewelry) and possibly a new outfit for a fancy dinner. For those of us on a budget, this day of love can turn into a nightmare. It doesn’t have to be that way. We have a few ideas that you and your significant other can enjoy the day without breaking the bank.

Dinner for Two
Skip the stuffy, undoubtedly packed restaurant and make dinner together at home. Although this may seem obvious and bland, cooking together is a great way to connect and you won’t have to wait an hour to get a table. Also, cooking at home is less expensive. On average a chicken dinner out is about $14-$20 not including drinks, whereas the same dish cooked at home is about $6-$10 and you can take as long as you want to eat since there isn’t a waiter trying to turn over tables.

Creative Gifts
Okay, so dinner is planned - now about that gift… This is where you will have to get creative but if you don’t want to drop a large amount of money on one item, give them the gift of yourself. Make a coupon book for your significant other filled with fun coupons like “You win this fight” or “I’ll do the dishes.” This is a great gift for both men and women, plus there are many different websites where you can print the perfect customized coupons for your partner.

Thinking of You...
On Valentine’s Day, a lot of people have flowers sent to their special someone at their work. However, flowers and delivery are expensive. Here’s an alternative: Plan ahead, write a heartfelt letter to your love and mail it to them. Most people only get work-related mail at their office so this will be just as special and will let them know that you are thinking about them. Also, sending a letter is less than a dollar.

Tradition on a Budget
Still like the idea of a bouquet for Valentine’s Day? A normal bouquet of roses runs about $50, though can be much higher during valentine’s day, and are even more if they come with a vase. Our suggestion - look into alternative bouquets. Dollar stores offer a wide variety of balloons for, you guessed it, a dollar. These balloon bouquets are great and you are able to find the balloons to fit your partner.

If you are still insistent on buying the traditional chocolates and flowers, wait a day. Most stores have huge after Valentine’s Day deals that you can take advantage of. So talk with your love about postponing celebrating.

The most important thing when planning your alternative Valentine’s Day is to remember that the day is about celebrating the love you have for each other in your own special way. If you need more help with figuring out how much you can afford this Valentine's Day give Financial One a call at (763) 404-7600 or check out our website; we can help set you up with a budget and get you on the right track.

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