Friday, May 19, 2017

The Benefits of an HSA Checking Account

One of our signature checking options is our Health Savings Account; a smart option for anyone wanting to strategically save for health-related costs. Many families experience high healthcare costs from time to time, and these costs can arrive at unexpected times. So how do you financially prepare for these? Let’s look at 5 benefits of an HSA Checking Account.


1. Peace of Mind

An HSA account is a very convenient option for paying for qualified healthcare expenses. You won’t need to pull money out of your day-to-day finances to pay for healthcare needs, allowing you to focus on caring for yourself or your loved ones. Depending on your specific situation, HSA funds could be used for things like doctor’s visits, copays, dentist visits and dental procedures, and even vision-related expenses in some cases. We will help you with the details of your situation.

2. Convenient

Access your funds easily with your free HSA debit card or easy direct check writing (which includes a free box of 50 checks). You’ll also have access to free mobile banking, free eStatements, and free online banking and bill pay.


3. Tax Advantages

HSA contributions are deductible from your gross pay (pre-tax), and funds in an HSA account are able to augment tax-free. Plus, with our HSA Checking, any funds not used by the end of the year are still yours to keep. We don’t operate a “use it or lose it” policy. According to
“Young people in good health may benefit the most from an HSA, because they tend to have lower medical bills, and over many years the accumulated savings can be significant. Also, if you lose your job or are laid off and are collecting unemployment insurance, you can use your HSA funds to pay for routine health expenses and health insurance premiums, tax-free.”

4. Easy to Get Started

These accounts have no setup fee and no monthly maintenance fees. They run independently from your insurance, so it is easy to work with our staff to create your account.

5. Stays in Your Name

Your account remains in your name, no matter if you change jobs, move, or have other life changes. Since it is not linked to your employer, but to you personally, it will be more easily accessible throughout your life.

To get started with your convenient HSA Checking Account, apply now and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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