Thursday, October 22, 2015

Out with the Old- Options to Clean Out Your Closet This Fall

Many people have faced the problem of having new clothes that don’t fit in their closet or dresser because of the accumulation of older clothing items that either don’t fit anymore or just aren’t worn. Often times, making room in the closet for your new clothes can seem time consuming, but there are ways to get rid of the old clothes without simply throwing them out.
One great way to dispose of the unwanted clothes is to donate them. There are many charities throughout the state of Minnesota that are more than happy to take clothing donations. In fact, many charities will even pick up the unwanted clothes from your house. Finding a charity that offers this option is easy. Simply visit and enter your zip code to view the charities in your area that will pick up your unwanted clothes. (They will often pick up other items as well.) Then simply pick the charity you would like to donate to and schedule your free donation pick up.
Another option is to try and sell your unwanted clothes to put a little extra spending cash in your pocket. This is a good option if the clothing is a well-recognized brand name and in good shape. There are several stores across Minnesota that specialize in buying used clothing items from people and reselling them in their stores.
One chain of stores that specializes in young adult clothing is Plato’s Closet. Simply bring in your (or your child’s) brand name clothing and accessories to the nearest Plato’s Closet and they will review your items while you look around the store or run another errand. Clothes Mentor operates in much the same way with designer women’s fashion. After looking over the items you brought in, they will give you an offer based on your clothing’s condition, style, brand, and whether they need items of that type due to their current stock levels, and you will receive cash for your items that day.
Another store that does this is Nu Look Consignment. Currently the Twin Cities Area’s leading family consignment retailer, Nu Look will buy virtually any clothing items as long as they are of quality and are in good shape. From July through December, they buy fall and winter clothing items. Spring and summer items can be sold to Nu Look from January through June.

Whether you choose to donate your old clothes or sell them is entirely up to you, but it shouldn't be stressful. Cleaning out your closet should make you feel accomplished. With these options making room for the new clothes in your closet will be easy, and will leave you with either the good feeling that you donated or a little extra cash in your pocket.