Friday, September 15, 2017

September is the Best Time to Buy These 6 Things

Sometimes saving money is not about clipping coupons or shopping sales, it can be about shopping seasonally. If you can, choose September the buy end of summer items when they are drastically marked down. Do not buy when everyone else does, a little delay of gratification can go a long way toward stretching your dollars. September is the best time to buy these 6 things!

Patio Furniture

As summer comes to a close, patio furniture takes up a lot of space in store's floor plans and they heavily discount sets to get ready for the next season. Take advantage of up to 90% off patio furniture during September.


Not many invest in a new bicycle at the end of summer when they have to wait all through the cold season to ride it often. This means huge savings for you! Upgrade your bike in the fall and reap the savings.

Older iPhones

Each September, Apple releases the new iPhone and flocks of people upgrade their device. If you want to upgrade your iPhone, but do not necessarily care about getting the absolute newest version, previous-generation iPhones are heavily discounted during September. The prices will be lowest during the end of the month after Apple does the new iPhone release.

A New Car

Fall is usually the best time to buy a new car because the next year's models are hitting the lot and dealers are trying to make way by discounting the current year's cars. You can find discounts between $2000 and $5000 pretty easily, plus great car loan options.


Of course, another seasonal item that makes sense to buy at the end of the summer, not the beginning when everyone else does. Lawnmowers can be very expensive, so if it is time for an upgrade, wait for September sales.


You could save hundreds of dollars by booking holiday travel or last minute vacations in September. Deals on hotels and especially on airfare are prevalent during this mid-season between summer and holiday travel.

Although September does not have a “Black Friday,” there are still rock bottom prices to be found on certain items if you are informed. Shop seasonally and save this September!