Friday, July 14, 2017

Simple Money Saving Summer Tips

It is easy to overspend during the summer. Taking trips and entertaining the kids can make your money feel like it flows through your fingers just like the water you wade through on hot days. There are many easy ways to save money that will actually enhance your summer you might not have thought of. Try some of these tips to put some extra cash in your wallet while the warm weather is here.

Turn Up The Thermostat For The Air Conditioning

Almost every home has some kind of air conditioning to make their home more comfortable during the hot temps, but almost every home also has their thermostat set too low. It is actually more comfortable during the summer if the temperature outside is not drastically different from the temperature inside your home. Your body will adjust to the warmer temps and you will not stress your body with the severe differences in temperature. The best part about adjusting your air conditioning to run less is that every degree you turn up the thermostat saves you 3% on your utility bill. The ideal temperature for most people is around 75 degrees. If your thermostat is set lower than that, turn it up

Cook Outside As Often As You Can

During summer months, it heats up your house to cook on the stove top or bake in the oven. Avoid cooking inside the house as often as possible to reduce the need to run the air conditioning and refrain from using kitchen appliances. Grilling outside is the epitome of summer fun, but also consider cooking in roasting pans, slow cookers, outdoor stoves, or single burners on your patio. This is especially wise when hosting parties because the extra bodies already heat up the house. Move the party outside to cook and converse and save money!

Switch To A Push Reel Mower

You might be surprised how easy and enjoyable it is to mow your lawn with an old-fashioned reel lawn mower. Switching to a push reel mower is especially feasible if your yard is a quarter-acre or smaller. You will no longer need to spend money on gasoline, oil, spark plugs, or filters. Plus, it will decrease air pollution and create a quiet, calm activity out of something that used to be loud, smelly, and a nuisance. The use of push reel mowers has increased in popularity in recent years. Enjoy mowing your lawn again and save money doing it!

These tips can not only save you money this summer but also make your summer the best one you have ever had! By changing the temperature in which you live, the way you prepare your meals, and how you mow your lawn you can save more than you ever thought!

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